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HarborPath began working with the UAB 1917 Clinic in 2012.  The 1917 clinic was the first nationally recognized health care facility to partner with HarborPath as our organization gained much-needed research and clinical footing in providing a single web page application for multiple medication therapies for HIV/AIDS. Since that time, HarborPath has expanded to multiple healthcare facilities, providing treatment for a wider array of Infectious Diseases. Our inaugural partnership with UAB was the cornerstone for our early and continued expansion and success.


By answering the call to provide faster, more efficient access to full HIV/AIDS treatment regimens, HarborPath has created an online Portal system used by over 64 Clinics, Academic Institutions and Outreach Centers predominately across the Southeastern U.S.


HarborPath has proven increased medication adherence rates with the 1917 clinic patients as evidenced by a recent UAB study indicating much better health outcomes for the uninsured.


Based on a 2014 study led by Dr. Michael Mugavero, and his team at UAB, patient data from the 1917 Clinic resulted in the following research conclusions:


Improved efficiency in access to HIV medication therapy provides clinically significant improvement in outcome results for uninsured patients. The HarborPath model continues to provide a single solution for the reduction of HIV transmission rates while improving patient outcomes.  This dynamic result effectively eliminates barriers to treatment and provides ease of therapy access for patients served through the UAB Health Care System.


Based on prescription numbers and the associated value of these prescription orders, HarborPath has provided the following savings to UAB over the last 5 years.


A total of 5,186 prescriptions have been filled for UAB 1917 Clinic patients since the start of this partnership in 2012.  The total overall value of prescriptions filled by HP is currently $11, 721,866.96


Creating better outcomes and seamless access to essential medicines.  HarborPath drives better healthcare and improves total health.

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