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Who We Are

Ken Trogdon
President of HarborPath, Inc.
Ken is the president of HarborPath, Inc., a non-profit organization serving qualified low-income, uninsured individuals throughout the United States. His early admiration of healthcare professionals, especially those who were dedicated to providing patients with the best care possible, regardless of their ability to pay, sparked him to pursue a career offering solutions to unmet medical needs. HarborPath was created to answer the overwhelming need for a seamless philanthropic solution for delivery of therapeutic medication through a simplified one-step process. This process enables those providing medical care in the areas of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and complex chronic diseases, to fill the medication gap for the domestic uninsured. Through HarborPath’s philanthropic donations of essential medicines the organization directly impacts the lives of the uninsured at the community and national levels. The organic growth of the HarborPath model, and the adaptability of global and domestic health philanthropies, have created opportunities for additional essential medicines to be donated from a global market approach that is svelte and effective in battling Infectious Diseases in both domestic and international markets.

John D. Rockefeller
Senior Vice President and Director of HarborPath Health Access Foundation
John was among the early adopters of the HarborPath model as a game changing option for philanthropic provision of lifesaving essential medicines to the uninsured and low resource clinical environments in the U.S. and abroad. While doing Epidemiological research on Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and as Director of Social Venture Initiatives at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, he pushed for full adoption of the model for global and domestic health markets, where safety nets for health and resource challenged patients did not exist. John lobbied for the model as he took the reigns at Dartmouth College, in his role as Associate Dean for Health Solutions at Geisel Medical School. Across all of his academic medical engagements, he has found the most daunting prospect to effective healthcare delivery being the low resource environments where disease burden is greatest. For John, the creation of the HarborPath Health Access Foundation is the realization of a long held dream of global provisioning, distribution, and diagnostically driven healthcare philanthropy that levels medical access to parity of treatment options without regard to resource stratification.

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